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Body Code

Body Code is an energy balancing system to remove energetic imbalances in your body to release pain and discomfort.  The energetic imbalances occur when your life experiences haven’t been fully processed.  As a result, the energetic imbalances in your body remain until you either release them when they contribute to feeling pain or discomfort, or are escalating to require help from a professional or support to address the release.


The six energetic healing paths in the body are:


  1. Emotional Wellness: Achieve energetic balance by releasing trapped emotions, internalized trauma or energies that can be reprogrammed
  2. Body System Balance: Achieve physical balance by identifying issues in organs, glands, muscles and body systems
  3. Toxin Resolution: Identify the heavy metals, free radicals, EMF radiation and environmental toxins that disrupt your body’s balance
  4. Pathogen Resolution: Identify fungal, viral, mold and bacterial physical or energetic pathogen imbalances in the body
  5. Structural Balance: Support proper function for bones, nerves, tissues and alignment that can cause imbalance
  6. Nutritional & Lifestyle: Identify holistic approaches of herbs, nutrients, exercise or changing habits your body is asking for



  • Do you have goals you feel blocked from achieving and want to change your momentum?
  • Do you want to feel better physically or emotionally?
  • Do you want to improve your life and relationships?
  • Are you distracted and want to refocus to get back on the right path?


All of these reasons may be contributing to an energetic imbalance.  We can address the root cause and release the imbalance to improve relationships, goals, and health to live the life you choose.


With Body Code, you don’t have to relive a past experience in order to release it.  You also can release imbalances that are energetically still in the body.


The process is confidential and painless.  The imbalances are released permanently.  The imbalances are released without recall or further discomfort.  Initially, you will feel some discomfort as the energy is released from the body.  You will also experience feeling lighter as a result of letting go of the imbalances.


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What Our Valuable clients are Saying

Body Code Testimonials

“I hadn’t heard of Body Code before my neighbor asked me if I was willing to help out a friend of hers that was getting certified. I looked it up and jumped on the opportunity to it out. I was curious to see how it could possibly work over the phone. And interested in learning more about it.

From the first call I was at ease working with Karen. And by the third session I wanted to stay in touch with her. It was so interesting to hear her work while I just had to sit there and be present.
I could actually feel it in my body when something was being released. Sometimes it was a warm fuzzy feeling sometimes it was a temporary tension.
After my third session I felt energized and light. Something I hadn’t felt for a while as I had been dealing with depression and anxiety.
Thank you Karen for opening my world to this gift of healing!”

Amy L.

Laguna Niguel, CA.

“I would highly recommend Body Code sessions with Karen. She has been absolutely wonderful and so in depth with what showed up for re-balancing. I have had several sessions so far with Karen and I can already feel such a difference in myself physically and mentally. Thank you Karen”

Emma A.

“My life changed forever after working with Karen Jones. Trauma has gripped me for decades. The results were immediate and continued to improve over the next few months. I am astounded by the amount of healing I have achieved through such an effortless process. Karen has a true gift with a genuine desire to improve the lives of her clients. Her integrity and commitment to ensuring the best possible outcome are above reproach. I cannot imagine anyone who would not benefit from working with Karen. My gratitude is immeasurable.”
Linda J.

Atlanta, GA.