Let Go and Feel Free


What Our Valuable clients are Saying


“When I first started to work with Karen, I was looking to change from a high pressure corporate life in NYC to a simpler, healthier life. Her personal approach allowed me to open up about what I wanted in life, not just my career. She helped me understand that I had options if I believed in myself. Her coaching was clear and results oriented. After working with Karen, I am now moving to the West Coast.”

L. Moore


“We all experience trauma in our life: Mental, emotional and physical. And even though we think we’ve gotten past the trauma, it still lingers on every level. And if not cleared, it can surface as a disease (“dis-ease”), and affect every aspect of our well being.

Karen very diligently and expertly uses a proven system that releases that trauma so that we don’t have to keep reliving it, or be concerned that it will manifest into something even more debilitation. She worked with both myself and my hours (who also experienced trauma) and I highly recommend her services.”

Kathleen N.

Nutrioso, AZ.

“I would highly recommend Body Code sessions with Karen. She has been absolutely wonderful and so in depth with what showed up for re-balancing. I have had several sessions so far with Karen and I can already feel such a difference in myself physically and mentally. Thank you Karen”

Emma A.

“As an animal communicator and empath, I know that animals experience trauma on every level, just like we do. And if not treated, it can adversely impact their behavior and physical well-being. The system that Karen expertly uses, helps animals heal on an emotional level so they can live a happier and healthier life.”

“Karen is a brilliant and gifted career coach who really understands how to get her clients on a clear path of change and discovery. She helped me focus on the things that will enable me to successfully move through a career change without the “old baggage” to hinder that journey. Karen helped me become more aware of what it is that I really want to do and how to get there. If you are at a crossroad in your career identity or just need assistance figuring out how to make a change, it is without hesitation that I recommend Karen as your career coach!”

Christine A.

Sebastian, FL.

“I hadn’t heard of Body Code before my neighbor asked me if I was willing to help out a friend of hers that was getting certified. I looked it up and jumped on the opportunity to it out. I was curious to see how it could possibly work over the phone. And interested in learning more about it.

From the first call I was at ease working with Karen. And by the third session I wanted to stay in touch with her. It was so interesting to hear her work while I just had to sit there and be present.
I could actually feel it in my body when something was being released. Sometimes it was a warm fuzzy feeling sometimes it was a temporary tension.
After my third session I felt energized and light. Something I hadn’t felt for a while as I had been dealing with depression and anxiety.
Thank you Karen for opening my world to this gift of healing!”

Amy L.

Laguna Niguel, CA.

“I spent two hours with Karen Jones and it changed my life. I had past life issues I could not let go of. Two sessions with Karen’s help. . . Yes, I’m free from my past. Have a better relationship with my wife and family. I now look to the future with open eyes. Her guidance is outstanding. “

Thom K.

DNP, Meriden, CT.

“Thank you so much. Our short session gave me a sense of peace and perspective that I had not had before. Thank you for the clarity. Anyone working with you, should consider themselves very blessed. Thanks again!”

Betsy M.

24 yr Military Spouse (1/2022)

“I was a bit reluctant at first to begin this process, but the desire for healing pushed me forward to say yes. Karen is a thoughtful and professional person, committed to the good this work provides. The process was easy; In no way did I feel like too much personal or situational information was revealed, only emotions. I believe the emotions identified were right on track, even if I couldn’t readily tie into all of the approximate ages given. As I went through this process, I experienced a series of physical responses, sensations in different parts of my body for a few days after each session. I now sense more free flowing emotions and improvement in an important and at times challenging relationship. I am hopeful for more good to come. My thanks to you Karen.”

Kathy M.

Veteran, Spokane WA

“My life changed forever after working with Karen Jones. Trauma has gripped me for decades. The results were immediate and continued to improve over the next few months. I am astounded by the amount of healing I have achieved through such an effortless process. Karen has a true gift with a genuine desire to improve the lives of her clients. Her integrity and commitment to ensuring the best possible outcome are above reproach. I cannot imagine anyone who would not benefit from working with Karen. My gratitude is immeasurable.”
Linda J.

Atlanta, GA.