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What is Emotion Code?

Every day you have life experiences. When you’re living your life, you’re responding to how you feel in life events. When you get distracted with your emotions, the emotions can create imbalances in your body. These imbalances stay in your body until you either identify the imbalance or release it. You don’t even have to know when the experience originated.

The experiences you have impact your subconscious. When you push the emotions down in your body because you choose not to process them, your body carries the emotional experience energetically. Your body is made up of atoms which are energy with a vibrational frequency. All emotions are energy and vibrate at a certain frequency. Each body organ, for example, your stomach, kidneys, liver, gall bladder, heart, or colon have an energetic vibration.

Over time, the emotions you choose not to process, will expand in energetic volume. This energy can expand and cause inflammation within your body. Your emotions of overwhelm, worry, heartbreak, grief, fear, anger, insecurity, and abandonment, are the emotions signaling messages to be processed. When you’re feeling discomfort in your body, it’s your body telling you it’s time to process emotions you haven’t fully processed from a prior time.

You decide whether to revisit an emotion. If it’s painful, and you don’t want to relive the memory, the emotions are protecting you by building energetic walls around your organs. This barrier impacts your relationships, connections and communication with others. Imagine an energetic ball of rubber bands protecting your body organs. This is the time to consider a “heart wall” clearing before the bands snap and you have a health experiences requiring immediate care.

Have you felt you weren’t able to feel your emotions? When you’ve experienced pain, the brain’s response is to build boundaries of protection between yourself and others so you won’t feel the painful hurt. When you shut off your emotions, you’re detached and have built a boundary or wall around your heart to protect yourself.

There is a way to clear the boundary and feel your emotions. The clearing is safe, confidential and freeing. This process is a series of 4 or 5 sessions each between 30 – 45 minutes long. You’ll feel the release after the first session. Going through the series of emotions is clearing all your emotional boundaries around your heart. The best part is you don’t have to relive or verbalize any of the details of the past experience. The emotions are released permanently. The memory of the past experience dissipates.

How do you know when it’s time to release the emotions? Your body subconsciously communicates when it’s ready to release them. If your heart isn’t ready to release emotions, you can release emotions that are elsewhere in the body. Your body subconsciously tells me (through muscle testing) if you’re ready to release trapped emotions or a boundary you’ve created to protect yourself.

My clients have experienced the following:

After years of not knowing exactly when feelings of disappointment or anxiety came from, clients have felt an air of clarity, mind fog was released, and they’ve been able to focus on making changes in their life for career goals and job changes. Their feeling of releasing a weight off their shoulders or carrying a back pack on their chest is suddenly removed and they can breathe much easier. They’re able to sleep through the night soundly without waking up and not being able to get back to sleep. For those clients with PTSD, after trying various others treatments where they lost hope of being able to be rid of their horrific memories, they were able to release the experiences, could feel the memories dissipate, and finally let go of past traumas. They noticed relationships with loved ones improved and they felt the previous barriers to closeness was removed. Relationships improved with family and friends and they didn’t feel like outsiders any longer.

Dr. Bradley Nelson developed the Emotion Code energetic healing to support individuals who wanted relief from their physical and body imbalances. As a practicing chiropractor, he treated patients initially with their physical imbalances. He noticed, after some time patients were returning for the same physical imbalances. He identified that these imbalances were related to emotional imbalances in the body. He developed the Emotion Code to release the imbalances and patients were treated and received the definitive release of their imbalances.
Listen to Dr. Bradley Nelson as he describes the Emotion Code treatment:

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What Our Valuable clients are Saying

Emotion Code Testimonials

“Thank you so much. Our short session gave me a sense of peace and perspective that I had not had before. Thank you for the clarity. Anyone working with you, should consider themselves very blessed. Thanks again!”

Betsy M,

24 yr Military Spouse, Whispering Pines, NC.

“I was a bit reluctant at first to begin this process, but the desire for healing pushed me forward to say yes.  Karen is a thoughtful and professional person, committed to the good this work provides.  The process was easy; In no way did I feel like too much personal or situational information was revealed, only emotions.  I believe the emotions identified were right on track, even if I couldn’t readily tie into all of the approximate ages given.  As I went through this process, I experienced a series of physical responses, sensations in different parts of my body for a few days after each session.  I now sense more free flowing emotions and improvement in an important and at times challenging relationship.  I am hopeful for more good to come.  My thanks to you Karen.”

Kathy M.

Veteran, Spokane, WA.

“We all experience trauma in our life: Mental, emotional and physical. And even though we think we’ve gotten past the trauma, it still lingers on every level. And if not cleared, it can surface as a disease (“dis-ease”), and affect every aspect of our well being.
Karen very diligently and expertly uses a proven system that releases that trauma so that we don’t have to keep reliving it, or be concerned that it will manifest into something even more debilitating. She worked with both myself and my horse (who also experienced trauma) and I highly recommend her services.”

Kathleen N

Nutrioso, AZ.

“I spent two hours with Karen Jones and it changed my life. I had past life issues I could not let go of. Two sessions with Karen’s help. . . Yes, I’m free from my past. Have a better relationship with my wife and family. I now look to the future with open eyes. Her guidance is outstanding. “

T. Knowlton

DNP, Meriden, CT.

“As an animal communicator and empath, I know that animals experience trauma on every level, just like we do. And if not treated, it can adversely impact their behavior and physical well-being. The system that Karen expertly uses, helps animals heal on an emotional level so they can live a happier and healthier life.”

“This was my first experience with emotion code and Karen made it a great one. She explained how each session would go and would check in about how I was feeling before, during, and after. She would then always  explain after the clearing and gave me an opportunity for questions. During my sessions I felt some movement in my chest and arms which created a bit of a restless feeling. After my sessions it seems like I was more emotional for the days following. We had great success at clearing my heart wall and I would work with an emotion code practitioner (Karen especially!) again. It was an intriguing experience and I would recommend others giving it a try. There is nothing to lose and much to gain!”

Lawson J.

Greensboro, NC.